MIX; General: Solar Return

  • Jul. 28th, 2017 at 4:16 AM
Title: Solar Return
Series: Monthly playlists for 2017
Details: 8 tracks, featuring Halsey, Lorde, Paramore & more. // indie-electro-pop
Notes: sometimes it's june, and it's your birthday, and also it's pride and hot outside and you don't really want to do anything but drink three liters of water a day. there's no theme, just songs i heard that made me move and maybe a little bit reflect my mood, afloat in the blue. holding myself together, proud to be weathered. hearts don't get broken, they just get better.

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Jul. 27th, 2017

  • 10:33 PM
I just saw someone on Tumblr call Guns N Roses 'classic rock'.


  • Jul. 27th, 2017 at 7:48 AM
I wanted to make a post about my ships, because ... I felt like it? I have a lot of fandoms, so here I'm just going to talk about my sci-fi ones (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars).

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The cat woke me up at 5AM for food. If he had waited an hour I would have been up anyway. But it's hard to stay mad at him when he has that cute face.

Anyway, I either want to go like full on alien with my makeup and try some iridescent lipsticks and lavender or silver highlighters or go for a more natural look with less eyeliner and maybe a tinted sunscreen instead of full coverage foundation.

I guess I could try both and see what I like more. And I could always do a different look depending on the day. I just want to experiment, I guess.

And one of these days I'm absolutely going to wear a crop top! I just need to work up the confidence.

Also, I reorganized my manga bookshelf last night. It's all in alphabetical order now, except CLAMP, who get their own section, because they have so many works.

I can't wait for the new Sailor Moon editions to come out! They're going to have shimmery covers and, importantly, a revised translation!

Now if only Udon would give us news about the Rose of Versailles ....

Jul. 26th, 2017

  • 10:14 PM
Driving practice was super crappy today. Upside: I got through it, did not kill anyone, and did not damage the vehicle. ...That's about the only upside, though.

Decided to go ahead and download that dad dating sim. MIGHT AS WELL. I'm going to be playing it in bits and pieces, using game time as a reward for doing stuff that aggravates my anxiety; I'm trying to reward-train my brain into submission. Can't say whether it's working, but stuff has been getting done, so that's something. ...This means I'll have to take my time with it, but that's all right.

I wasn't sure whether it would run on my tiny netbook, but if I turn the graphics quality down, it's okay (so far). Which is a relief.

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An auspicious start to any post:

  • Jul. 26th, 2017 at 8:34 PM
So, I was having a minor crisis on Twitter, re: Dreamwidth and the soul-crushing inadequacy I feel every Reading Wednesday because I am not reading ... well, novels anyway. I used to be a hopelessly devoted reader, but sadly college cured me of the habit. My local library, alas, is also not that great when it comes to books -- I sigh daily for the great and beautiful Minneapolis Central Library! Even thought that ledge was extremely dangerous, re: falling icicles.

ANYWAY, I WENT OUT AND BOUGHT TWO (2) used books -- The Complete Short Stories of Flannery O'Conner and Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken. Usually I've got no time for published Jane Austen fanfiction, but it is Joan Aiken, so we'll see.

This afternoon I got two very nice comments on some old, old Stucky fic (like, written before Winter Soldier came out Stucky fics) and I got to wondering how I'd tackle this pairing now, in the year of our Lord 2017, and if it'd be different than how I did it it back in 2011/2012. They say every cell of our body changes in seven years...

I might just try it out to get out of my sports anime rut. I think the Cap side of the MCU is the only part I'm actually caught up on. I don't really follow anything else, although I'm looking forward to Black Panther and also RIDICULOUS BEARD STEVE AHAHA (CEvans finally did it! He finally got to wear a beard to work!)

Also d'you think I'd be able to watch Thor 3 if I skipped Thor 2?


  • Jul. 26th, 2017 at 9:27 PM
J'étais en train de contempler à nouveau la jolie dédicace toute neuve dans mon tome 9 de Lastman quand j'ai tout à coup réalisé...
...outre qu'il colle plus à la BD qu'à la série, ce qui est tout à fait logique, le Howard qu'on m'a dessiné ne porte pas son petit veston boutonné de dork, mais le même chandail sans manche à col en V que j'avais déniché pour mon cosplay-placard et que je portais au moment de rencontrer les auteurs pour demander ladite dédicace.
Au lieu de me dire "bah, ils ne maîtrisent pas leur propre série dérivée et/ou ils n'aiment vraiment pas ce perso" je gagate complètement en me disant que même s'il était imparfait mon cosplay restait reconnaissable puisque l'auteur a fait inconsciemment le même raccourci que moi. Ou alors il l'a fait exprès pour me faire plaisir. Je ne sais pas. Mais je gagate à fond sur ma belle dédicace !
J'ai tellement hâte de pouvoir lire le tome 10.

(Hm? parler à nouveau d'un autre fandom pour changer un peu ? Oui sans doute, un de ces jours. Le mois prochain peut-être.)

exciting news!

  • Jul. 26th, 2017 at 11:03 AM
The Adventure Zone is doing a live show in a city an hour away from me in December! My friend sent me money so I can buy a ticket when they go on sale this Friday. I'm so grateful and excited.

Less exciting is, of course, the US political news today. As a trans person I'm just kind of. Trying to focus on the positive things in my life right now so that I don't get overwhelmed with the negative feelings. Obviously there's a lot of work to do. A lot of fighting to do. But right now I need to enjoy some good things while I try and get a grip on all this.

more NiF thoughts

  • Jul. 26th, 2017 at 10:30 AM
-I have five episodes left and am stuck at work right now. The anticipation is killing me

-There is a character/ship trope that is like, one of my bulletproof kinks which is people with more loyalty and devotion than self-preservation instincts, and this is basically every ship and protagonist in this show.

-This show is basically begging for some variation on the Canadian Shack fic, please don't disappoint me here fandom.
☆ Driving once again leaves me frustrated. I have difficulty lining up the vehicle when parking, and of course my father is no help. "You just have to line it up along the imaginary centre line and -" Dude, if you didn't notice, I have difficulty with spatial processing... grumble, grumble. Yes, it does indeed look like another professional lesson is in order - with the last one, we didn't have much time to practice parking at all. Something to focus on for the next....

☆ Pleasant surprise today: RAINBOW CROSSWALK. Saw it from the bus while I was heading to work. Looks like Pride YMM's request was granted. I'm so glad. It's just so nice to see. ...Part of me is like "Just wait, it'll be vandalized before the end of the week" but - hopefully that won't actually happen, and when I go downtown on Saturday morning I'll be able to get some pictures of it. <3

☆ Year in Hereafter: Fuck yeah, the print version is finally available! *_* Via gumroad. I'm very happy about this. <3 It'll be SO nice to read it through in print... Paper format is just so much more to my taste. (And shipping isn't as much as I thought it would be, which was nice.) I had been thinking about paying for a second set to do a raffle, similar to what I did with the SSSS book, but I don't know if that will be possible at this time for various reasons. ...Anyway. Comic-wise, we're moving toward the pages I have seen previews of. 8) I am extremely excited. 8) EXTREMELY.

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Jul. 25th, 2017

  • 4:02 PM
Today I got a much needed haircut + bought a shirt with all of the Doctors as cats.

picture of me
(click for larger.)

I can't wait for next month...

  • Jul. 25th, 2017 at 7:51 PM
Maybe it's already old news(?) but I just learned that the next (half?) season for Dragons: Race to the Edge will be available on Netflix on August 25th. Yay new episodes! In just a month!
...right during the week I'll spend on a vacation in the middle of nowhere far away from civilisation, internet and fandom. Oh. Well. They'll still be there later, of course, and being away from the internet nobody will spoil them for me.

That, and the next volume of LastMan will be released on August 23rd... what else will I miss?

Investigators of Infernal Incidents

  • Jul. 25th, 2017 at 9:31 PM
So, I've spent the past six days re-watching The Talons of Weng-Chiang in honour of the death of Trevor Baxter. I'm always happy to have a reason to return to this bit of the Hinchcliff era (regardless of its evident flaws re: Being Hella Racist) although I could wish for a different excuse this time around.

The eternally surprising thing about Jago and Litefoot is that they don't even meet each other until part way through the fifth episode. And yet, the minute that Litefoot opens the door and Jago mistakes him for his own servant, something truly magical happens and they become the ultimate Holmes double act. It's partly the writing, partly the acting and partly an extraordinary chemistry between Benjamin and Baxter that makes their bonding feel inevitable instead of misplaced. Even before Big Finish came along I found it impossible not to imagine their lives continuing outside the frame. Much as I can't imagine Ian and Barbara not getting married, I could never imagine Jago and Litefoot not being Best Friends Forever and having lots more adventures in Victorian London.

Fortunately Big Finish ensured that they finally got their spin-off show, and IMHO it's some of the best stuff they've ever done, in large part because the leads are a complete joy to listen to no matter what they're doing. One of those pairs of actors who could read a phone book at each other and make it funny or touching or both at once.

Apparently Trevor Baxter used to joke that he'd have nothing to live for if they cancelled the series, and I don't think you can say fairer than a run of thirteen box sets (plus extras!) that was only ended by the death of one half of the principal players. I hope he knew just how much his work was appreciated by fans everywhere.


Ugh, driving

  • Jul. 24th, 2017 at 8:07 PM

And parking.

And highway driving.

And intersections.

And that thing where you're going 70 and SUDDENLY you have to go 35.

And parking.

And changing lanes.

And merging.

And parking.

...I should probably pay for another professional lesson, but ugh, money. And scheduling. And human interaction. And questions like "You seem nervous. Why?" Gee, I dunno, ma'am, it might be because I'm behind the wheel of a death machine. Just a guess.

/throws up hands


hi everyone!

  • Jul. 24th, 2017 at 7:01 PM
I just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone who's added me! I think I already have more followers here than I had in like five years of Livejournal back in the day, ha.

Today was a pretty lousy day because of my depression, so I unfortunately didn't get much done. It was that feeling where you're bored but you're also too depressed to do anything, or for anything to seem interesting, so you just stay bored all day instead. I hope tomorrow is better, especially because I was planning to fill out some job applications, so having energy and motivation would be helpful.

I also took two naps today, which kind of helped but kind of just made me feel groggy.

Fandom-wise I've been trying to write this fluffy Data/Geordi fic about Data wooing him with flowers etc, but I keep being over-critical while I'm writing. I need to try and turn off my internal editor and just write. I can fix it later, but I need to get stuff down on the page first! :\

I have this short attention span, so I'm consuming Doctor Who in three different ways right now (re-watching first Doctor stuff, watching all the Doctor/River episodes, and listening to the Eighth Doctor audios). I'd probably get farther if I focused on just one, but it's hard for me to stick with one thing at a time.

Jul. 24th, 2017

  • 8:39 AM
 Somehow, despite being a Doctor/River fan, I hadn't gone back to watch Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead since they aired, so I did that last night, and cried my eyes out. I'm still feeling pretty emotionally compromised.

therefore, heavy.

  • Jul. 24th, 2017 at 11:53 AM
this was originally written and posted privately on the 20th of april last year. i'd forgotten about it, actually. there was a hashtag on twitter #wheniwas filled with personal experiences of childhood sexual harassment and assault. there was an article about it, too. and it brought up some stuff. well, doesn't everything?

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[Rec] Slavonica

  • Jul. 23rd, 2017 at 7:01 PM
I've stumbled across a webcomic very relevant to my interests: Slavonica. Short fantasy stories inspired by Slavic mythology and culture, oh yesss! Specifically, drawing on/setting in Poland - the artist/author is herself Polish.

Some of you might have seen the short comic "Deal" on tumblr, in which a witch tricks the god Veles (!!!). Well, "Deal" is the first story in Slavonica. In the next (much longer) story, "The Warlock's Apprentice", it jumps to another character - dear Sambor (I adore him). And then the third story, "The Snake King", currently in-progress, centres around yet another character. I expect that when "Snake King" is finished, we'll come back to either Sambor or Mojmira the Witch again, if the author's comments are anything to judge by.

The setting + source folklore are obviously a huge draw for me, but the art is pretty cool too, if that style is to your taste. It certainly suits my taste, anyway. And I like what we've seen of the central characters so far. (I want to give Sambor a million hugs and feed him all kinds of delicious food and braid his hair, pffff... Help, I think I've fallen in love with this poor kid.)

A neat thing: while this is a minor detail that has only come up in the author's notes, and is unlikely to appear in the comic itself - the author has stated that Sambor is nonbinary*. I just kind of appreciate that they have decided to make it clear that they see their character that way, regardless of whether the subject will come up in any of the stories Sambor appears in.

So! I'm glad I took the time to read this - I've been meaning to ever since it came onto my radar a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't able to set aside time until this weekend. The comic (or comic series, perhaps one could say) isn't actually very lengthy, so if you do decide to check it out, it won't take long to get through it. The above Tumblr post for "Deal" contains that story in its entirety, and "The Warlock's Apprentice" is only 38 pages. I have no idea how long "The Snake King" will be when it's finished.

A few caveats:
-Slavonica is hosted on Tapas rather than its own website. I am not a fan of Tapas' site layout; maybe it looks better on mobile (I have no idea) but on desktop it feels kind of cluttered and scroll-y and I just... don't like that.
-Some portions of this comic are marked as Mature due to situational nudity/violence (nothing graphic, though). So, you need a Tapas account in order to read those pages, which is kind of annoying.
-The updates are erratic. Following this would necessitate subscribing, I think, since it doesn't adhere to a regular update schedule.

But, those are all fussy details, really, and don't have to do with the content of the comic itself. So, if you liked "Deal", I do suggest reading "The Warlock's Apprentice" at least, since that one is complete.